Shape the Culture was founded to showcase the good work young people are doing in their communities across America. From volunteering with non-profit organizations to creating jobs through entrepreneurship, young people are having a positive cultural impact on our country. Shape the Culture will feature this work and these efforts.

Jordyn Hudson is a senior at Indian Springs School in Birmingham, Alabama.

Committed to rolling up her sleeves and making a difference in her community through service, she is a member of Youth Serve Birmingham and serves as President of the Youth Philanthropy Council. She has more than 250 hours of volunteer service and has twice received the President’s Volunteer Youth Service Award. She also serves as the Southeastern Regional Teen Treasurer of Jack and Jill of America, Inc.

She has a passion for travel, food, music, theater and fashion. Her dream vacation destination is Bali because of its God-given scenery.

Jordyn recognizes how essential it is to showcase your passions while making positive contributions to the community. As the founder and CEO of Shape the Culture, she will highlight the good work young individuals are doing to impact and move the country forward.