So You Got Some High Fashion?

Are you ready to rock in the new decade? Well, here are some of my most hyped-up styles and looks to make a fly statement this year!

  1. Suits
    1. Menswear-Styled Bulky Suits
    2. Oversized blazers and trousers with colorful tones and patterns
  2. Designer Fanny Packs
  3. Designer Framed Large & Small Sunglasses
  4. Graphic Tees
  5. Cropped Tops & Hoodies
  6. Cropped and Frayed Blue Jeans
  7. Athletic Style Wear
    1. Leggings, Tanks, Hoodies, etc.
  8. Retro Sneakers & High Tops
    1. Converse
    2. Air Force 1’s
    3. Jordan 1’s
    4. Stan Smiths
    5. Rebooks
    6. Cortez
  9. Neutral Brown and Tan Colored Tones
  10. Metallic Chunky Jewelry
    1. Chains, Hoops, etc.