Why Am I So Inspired By Lena Waithe?

Lena Waithe is an unapologetically black, bold, and complete all-around contemporary (excuse my language) badass! She is an actor, producer, and screenwriter. Most known for her work on Queen & Slim, The Chi, and Master of None, Lena Waithe has been shaping the culture of the entertainment scene for years. She allows the black community to feel represented and heard on the screen as well as behind the lens.

As a young black woman who is extremely interested in television and film, I believe that Waithe reaches me. She intelligently articulates the black experience in her film and work as well as in her activism.

“The cool thing about dope black style becoming in style is that the industry has no choice but to try and reduplicate that,” Waithe said in a 2017 Buzzfeed News interview.

Right now, more so than ever, entertainment, media, and film are screaming for more of that “dope black style” swag to be given the spotlight. Waithe has so excellently featured that swag and culture into her works of art, including The Chi, Master of None, Queen & Slim and many more.

Now, you may ask, why are you so inspired by Waithe?

She gives so many women who look like me the opportunity to feel represented and appreciated in mainstream media and in Hollywood. She inspires me to be authentic and to pursue my passions and chase all of my dreams. In my opinion, I believe that she is the mentor and role model that every young black woman should look toward.