Why did I create Shape the Culture?

Shape the Culture?

Why did I create Shape the Culture?

I’ve been asked this question many times. So, here’s my answer.

As a young African-American teen, I have not found a media organization that showcases and explores all the wonderful and powerful things that young people of color are doing in their communities. I also have not easily found resources that encourage teens to participate in activities that enhance the culture in their communities, schools and families. Lastly, as an avid user of social media, I don’t often see teens and young people of color represented on social media platforms.

Therefore, I decided to launch a platform to solve this problem. That is what Shape the Culture is all about!

I want to make sure every teen, millennial and young person of color feels represented, motivated and inspired by seeing others excel.

It’s up to us to Shape the Culture and be agents of change in our communities. There are so many ways to shape the culture – whether it’s volunteering in your community, starting your own nonprofit, being a filmmaker or being an entrepreneur.

Are you ready to shape the culture?

Go get it!